STG is more than just a consultant ready to provide a detailed report on completed actions or exhaustive answers to client questions; we accept full responsibility for the implementation of the approaches that we have developed on the basis of consulting.

We offer consulting services to enable:

  • Information technologies audit

    STG carries out IT audits to prepare for overall soft-and-hardware customer-system upgrades, solid corporate IT-system architecture development, and comprehensive programs for shifting to target IT capacities/conditions in conformance with effective-investment principles.

  • Business and finance functions transformation
  • IT management and transformation

    STG employs ITSM principles and practices to build a Service Desk, designed to provide high-quality services to IT end users and reduce the cost of services by optimizing the staff of IT professionals within the company and improving their productivity. STG effectively applies ITSM/ITIL solutions in the organization of its own Service Desk. Our service operates according to the best world practices and employs a full-featured software solution to ensure constant customer access to our services 24x7x365.

  • Information security policy

    Security policy is a comprehensive general statement of the company's top management indicating the role of security at the company.
    Security policy is a kind of foundation for the company's security program.

    The policy should be independent in terms of technology and solutions. It should outline purpose and mission, without restricting the company to specific implementation methods.

    STG addresses the task of developing and implementing information security policy at the following stages:

    • Study of the current status of the information environment and information security at the company;
    • Analysis of the information generated by the study;
    • Preparing a work plan for the formulation of information security policy;
    • Development of corporate information security policy.
  • IT architecture design

    STG implements corporate information-system architecture-design projects, involving a detailed description of its components, platform options, their cost performance and implementation time estimates.

    Project outcomes include:

    • Building the company's process model up to the level required for the evaluation of information flows;
    • Building a functional model of the company;
    • Definition of the company's functional subsystems;
    • Comparison of functional subsystems and information-system classes;
    • System architecture design;
    • Definition of technical requirements for each architectural component;
    • Selection of platform options for implementation in each functional area;
    • Developing a plan for the implementation of the corporate information system with new design;
    • Budgeting and allocation of resources to implement the plan.