IT infrastructure

STG offers the following solutions in IT infrastructure development:

  • Data storage systems

    We offer end-to-end strategic and technology services to develop and successfully deploy data-storage software to meet customer-expectation demands and help get the most value out of your software investments in terms of productivity, reliability/security and financial costs. In particular, we deliver:

    • data storage systems for initial data;
    • data storage systems for medium data with FC/iSCSI block and CIFS, NFS access;
    • backup systems;
    • demanding-application storage systems;
    • flash storage systems for applications with maximum IOPS requirements;
    • distributed data storage networks;
    • remote data copying networks.
  • Cloud technologies

    STG implements solutions for cloud development, operation and administration based on the products of global software vendors.

  • Information security

    STG provides security solutions to ensure:

    • Development and introduction of information security policy;
    • Creation and installation of information security systems;
    • Information security systems audit.
  • DPC creation and management
  • High-performance computing systems

    Solving today’s most complex fundamental problems, engineering, scientific and research calculations are not possible without high-performance computing systems. Calculations on high-performance computing systems are becoming popular as they provide economic benefits, making it possible to abandon full-scale product models in favor of mathematical models. The system is designed to enable high-performance computing applications and predictions of the behavior of biologically-inspired materials and a varied portfolio of our cognitive-computing products and services, create mathematical models for forecasting and decision-making support.

    STG is ready with a complete portfolio designed for your HPC workflows:

    • Determining the optimal configuration for the Customer's applied tasks;
    • Equipment supply and installation;
    • Equipment set-up and integration into existing infrastructure;
    • Licensing and technical support.
  • Data transfer networks and telephony systems

    STG offers services to develop corporate data networks (CDN):

    • CDN design and development;
    • equipment supply for network development;
    • пCDN maintenance and support.