Business application

STG has many years of successful experience in the implementation of solutions based on a monolithic industrial platform, as well as on the integration of disparate systems into a single integration platform.

Advanced system-deployment technologies and methods make it possible to use various architectural solutions and apply a wide range of scenarios when building corporate management information systems that bring together the company's functional areas.

Our business-application offerings encompass:

  • Enterprise performance management

    STG solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems make it possible to automate operational resource management at manufacturing plants at a fundamentally-new new level. The system is designed for the efficient management of production, sales, procurement, cost accounting, tax accounting and other business processes of a modern enterprise. This business application makes it possible to reduce operational, management and commercial costs, reduce implementation cycle, increase inventory turnover, improve utilization of fixed assets

  • Production performance management

    STG offers solutions to ensure automated implementation of the following functions:

    • Standard reference information maintenance;
    • Production planning;
    • Basic activities management;
    • Stock control;
    • Technical quality control management;
    • Technological facilities management;
    • Operational production testing management.
  • Financial performance management

    STG solutions make it possible to manage a big business by monitoring financial indicators and automate the calculation and accounting of financial transactions/instruments, thereby increasing revenue from financial activities, reducing the financial transaction risks and operational costs of business processes, improving the accuracy of financial calculations and predicting cash flows from operations.

    STG implements solutions for:

    • рFinancial-transaction accounting estimates;
    • Accounting entries for financial transactions;
    • Authorized access to operations and data-object delimitation;
    • Financial-transaction alterations monitoring;
    • Operating accounts and financial statements generation;
    • External financial-market system integration.
  • Personnel management and administration

    STG offers solutions for personnel management and administration purposes to ensure a solid source of credible and updated employee and HR operating-process data-consolidation management, with statistical and reference information evolving from functional-area optimization demands and according to the company’s business strategy.

    STG delivers efficient solutions with the following functionality:

    • existing and potential time reserves detection;
    • departments’ and positions’ functional areas redistribution possibilities detection;
    • predicted personnel number and current human resources conformity analysis;
    • daily work-schedule optimization with corresponding work-shift balancing;
    • personnel (forecasting), planning and redistribution forecast modification;
    • personnel-cost planning for different scenarios and forecasting changes in personnel expenses in case of a change in personnel number or planning factors.
  • Customer relationships

    STG offers a whole range of specialized tools to automate marketing and sales management. They help to develop customer relationships, monitor customer loyalty, improve the quality of service, bring new products and services to market.

    STG solutions are focused on the following business processes:

    • Customer relationship management;
    • Arrears management;
    • Call center automation;
    • Marketing campaigns and sales management.
  • Product lifecycle

    STG has significant experience in the development and implementation of PLM systems.

    Key components of a PLM system are:

    • Product Data Management (PDM) system, intended for storing and managing engineering data about the product, being the core of PLM;
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) system used for designing objects;
    • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) system used for engineering;
    • Object and data visualization system.
  • Enterprise portals

    STG offers solutions intended to streamline the everyday work of people who may be located far apart from each other.

    These systems make it possible to:

    • Effectively manage a project with continuous monitoring of all expenditures, resources used and the cost of the end products;
    • Develop knowledge management;
    • Coordinate the work of all project parties;

    STG technologies address these issues in almost every line of business, improving labor productivity and, as a result, the profitability of the entire business.