Oil & Gas

In today’s market environment, oil-and-gas companies need to implement the most straightforward solutions to achieve bigger outcomes throughout the entire production cycle and in specific functional areas. Adoption of advanced technologies, together with progressive methodologies, is vital for oil-and-gas business resiliency.

One of STG’s priority business areas is providing a wide range services for oil-and-gas producing, refining and distributing companies.

STG offers expertise to cover production-cycle stages:

  • Drilling and exploration;
  • Production;
  • Initial processing, accounting and transportation;
  • Refining;
  • Distribution and marketing.

STG’s experience in project delivery for Russia’s top-five oil-and-gas companies has enabled us to develop a field expertise and build a team of professionals highly skilled in: seismic data collection, processing and storage, interpretation of data on hydrocarbon strata/accumulation beds and reservoirs, development of strategies for field recovery and increasing hydrocarbon production efficiency.

STG employs advanced concepts in its work, such as: "Digital Field Model," "4D Seismic Model," "Project Portfolio Management," "Production Risk Control."

Comprehensive STG oil-and-gas expertise ensures creative and effective business and technology solutions:

  • Business solutions
    • Data Management, Big Data: collection, migration, cataloging, aggregation, archiving, prediction/forecasting;
    • Digital field deposit;
    • Data Quality Management, MDM;
    • Incident management, safety and reliability analysis and prediction;
    • Plant Information Management;
    • Laboratory Information Management (LIMS);
    • Product Quality Management;
    • Petroleum-product retail management;
    • Price management;
    • Supply management;
    • Product lifecycle management;
    • Asset management;
    • Risk management;
    • Document management;
    • Strategic management;
    • HR management.

  • Technology solutions
    • GIS;
    • EAM;
    • ERP;
    • BI;
    • Installation and maintenance of data centers;
    • IT infrastructure management;
    • Web service development;
    • RFID;
    • SCADA.

STG vendors in the "Oil-and-Gas" sector include the following companies: IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), EMC, Cisco, Microsoft, Roxar, Halliburton.

Extensive expertise and ample competencies empower STG to implement unique projects involving the development of high-performance computing systems in Russia and abroad.

The key customers of the oil-and-gas industry are: Rosneft, Gazprom, Transneft, Lukoil, Slavneft, and others.