Public offices

Public offices submit to strict terms of state budgeting and financing and must constantly strive to improve their work with individuals and legal entities. Striking a balance between social service quality and complexity of procedures is a must for any public institution.

We provide solutions for the primary objectives of public sector agencies:

  • Continuous social services improvement for individuals and legal entities;
  • Information centers introduction and development;
  • Constant online accessibility of non-classified information on rendered services;
  • Budget accounting within the scope of target programs;
  • Cost-cutting and public-office performance improvement.

To accelerate the digital transformation of public-sector enterprises/offices/agencies, STG offers extended expertise covering portal-solution implementation, the creation of data-processing centers, financial management and asset management.

STG customers in the public sector are: RZD, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, ROSATOM, Russian Television and Broadcasting Network (RTRS), and others.